" It looks like it should be hung on the wall in a frame .... but sounds way too good for that!!"

~ Kevin Costner of: 

Kevin Costner and the modern west

"My deepest appreciation and heartfelt congratulations to you for crafting an instrument of such undeniable quality. The sapling is easily one of the finest small-body guitars I have ever played.  I generally gauge my compatibility with a guitar by how moved I am to compose with it;  I was inspired to write within the first few moments of playing the sapling. I have no doubt this beautiful guitar will bring me joy for many years to come. Thank you again for your work, efforts, and dedication."

~Seth Avett

"I love it!! I purchased mine after Seth told me how much he loves his."

~Bob Crawford

"This is one of the most beautiful guitars Ive ever seen in my life. Thank you for making such an amazing instrument! I love it so much. Its beautiful, and it sounds wonderful, and I cant wait to see what songs it has to say. Much love to you guys there at bent twig!!"

~David Crowder

"When you come across a boutique acoustic guitar builder this unique you pay attention to them.  when you hang out together for four days straight at a bluegrass festival as a fellow vendor and get to play their guitars everyday….you fall in love with them.


But how does it sound? Well, the resonance of this guitar matches the outward good looks!! I watched person after person be impressed with these guitars day after day at the bluegrass festival. When I played the Bent Twigs, I could jump on them and they respond big and bold; then I would take it down and they sound as sweet as can be."

~Bruce Adolf

review in worship musician magazine

"Today is indeed a special day. Just received my custom Bent Twig dreadnaught guitar. Incredible figured Indian Rosewood, Engleman Spruce top with curly maple binding. Did I mention tone to the bone. Dave and Brady know their business and are a pleasure to work with. As I said to Dave, they are the best kept secret West of the Mississippi. All wood construction and materials, superb craftsmanship. Check these boys out!”

~Mark G.

"Dave brought my guitar by tonight.... When I finally got to feel it and hear it, I was blown away! This is the kind of guitar I imagine they play in heaven.”

~Phil S.

Bench Press: Bent Twig Guitars

by Amy Anders

I took the guitar up to the mountains for Saturday night and this morning, and had a lot of time to play it.  I LOVE IT.  Great for fingerstyle, and great with a pick (even for 70's rock songs).  Thanks so much for building such a great instrument.


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