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Art and woodworking have always captured my attention. I was fortunate enough to be encouraged by my parents at a young age to pursue these areas of interest.  I can remember doing large art projects with my mom at a young age and building whatever I could imagine with my dad’s help. Not all of these artworks were masterpieces, and some still sit on the back shelf collecting dust, but I learned about composition and attention to detail. I got to pursue these passions into adulthood, obtaining a degree in art at MSU and working construction through the summers.  Now again, I am fortunate enough to use the skills I have learned through the years to work on one of a kind pieces of art.  It truly is a privilege to create our guitars and then place them into the hands of their new owners, knowing that they will get just as much pleasure out of owning them as we did creating them!



As long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for wood and woodworking. Some of my earliest recollections are watching my dad’s nightly ritual of sitting at the dining room table woodcarving. He instilled in me a great reverence for wood and taught me how to carve, how to build cabinets, and eventually how to build custom homes.

After owning and operating my own custom home construction business for many years, I was ready for a change of pace and a new challenge.  Building custom guitars fit the bill perfectly, bringing together my love for music and my life-long passion for woodworking. I am overwhelmed with the satisfaction that comes from working with amazing pieces of wood while using time-honored methods of guitar construction. I can’t get enough of it!

about bent twig guitars

Living in a small town, nestled in the Cabinet Mountains of Northwest Montana in many ways takes you back in time. The people are hard working and honest, enjoying a much slower paced, simpler way of life. It is from that picturesque location, and with that lifestyle and mindset at the core of who we are, that every one of our guitars is built.


Bent Twig Guitars is not about mass-producing “cookie cutter” guitars. From the design stage all the way through to completion, we pour ourselves into each guitar, considering the intricacies and characteristics of each individual piece of wood, not only for visual appeal, but also for structural and tonal qualities.  Our desire is to keep things simple, allowing the natural, artistic beauty of the wood to be the central focus. The end result is a fine, handcrafted musical instrument that is not only pleasing to the eye in every detail, but is also a true joy to listen to and play.


It is a rarity in our shop for a day to go by without one of us saying, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” We truly love building Bent Twig Guitars! And we truly love listening to our guitars being played! Whether they are played from the tailgate of a pickup or a porch swing, from a church stage or a concert hall, from your favorite chair in the living room or a stool in a recording studio, we’re confident from the first strum, you’ll fall in love with a Bent Twig Guitar!

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