playing a Bent Twig Guitar

Welcome to Bent Twig Guitars. We are a small, two man luthier shop in Montana, specializing in handmade acoustic guitars. 

Starting a custom Bent Twig Guitar
Bent Twig Guitar with an old truck
Bent Twig Headstock and soundhole

" It looks like it should be hung on the wall in a frame .... but sounds way too good for that!!"

~ Kevin Costner of: 

Kevin Costner and the modern west

Kevin Costner with a Bent Twig Guitar

"My deepest appreciation and heartfelt congratulations to you for crafting an instrument of such undeniable quality. The sapling is easily one of the finest small-body guitars I have ever played.  I generally gauge my compatibility with a guitar by how moved I am to compose with it;  I was inspired to write within the first few moments of playing the sapling. I have no doubt this beautiful guitar will bring me joy for many years to come. Thank you again for your work, efforts, and dedication."

~Seth Avett

"I love it!! I purchased mine after Seth told me how much he loves his."

~Bob Crawford

Guitars with personality

The Bent Twig sound